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  • Simon Cameron

    Creative Director / Partner

    Simon has more than 20 years experience working on both sides of the country creating and developing some of Canada’s most iconic brands. With a background as a copywriter, Simon brings both a strategic and creative approach to building and developing insightful, relevant, and persuasive work.

    He has won numerous national and international awards including Communication Arts (CA), The Marketing Awards and Applied Arts, and is a multiple Cassie Award winner. When not working, he is a skier, a mountain biker, a surfer and a restorer of vintage motorcycles.

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  • John Thomas

    Business Development, Interactive / Partner

    John’s background spans a unique balance of both on and offline experience in business development and account management. He has two decades of experience in internet strategy, web development, ecommerce and brand development in industries including marketing, mining, building materials, private equity and Crown Corporations.

    He leads all business development at Bare and brings a wealth of online knowledge to each project. John is a former ski bum (partially converted), an enthusiastic motorcyclist, and possesses carpentry skills that border on wizardry.

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  • Davidson Yeap

    Graphic Designer & Web Developer

    Davidson plans and builds pixel-perfect comprehensive website designs. With a Bachelor of Design with Distinction in Graphic Design for Marketing, and a background in both Interdisciplinary Design Studies and Computer Systems Technology, he brings his talents in art and technology to each project.

    In addition to English, Davidson is fluent in several other languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, HTML 5, CSS, jQuery and Javascript, among others.

  • Joey Poblador

    Graphic Designer & Web Developer

    Joey earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines before leaving home to expand his horizons to live in Japan for a year. He then came to Canada and immersed himself in graphic design, earning his Diploma with Distinction at the Art Institute in Vancouver. Joey now brings his inimitable skill and unique world view to a number of Bare clients, creating graphic and communication design solutions.

    In addition to being a designer, Joey is also a Japanophile, a voracious consumer of literature, and a devoted believer that the world can be made a better place to live in, one logo at a time.

  • Blaine Yamakawa

    Social Media & Wed Developer

    Blaine began his career as a business systems consultant with HSBC, where his responsibilities included business analysis and design, legacy code, system and user acceptance testing, quality assurance and deployment support. Following his passion for creative, he moved into digital advertising and media, where he oversees online and mobile advertising, web development and social media.

    He is a self-professed tech-junkie, 90s garage band aficionado, and animal lover and may be responsible for almost 40% of all cat videos on YouTube.

  • Sarah Rowland

    Senior Copywriter

    After honing her writing skills in print journalism for ten years, Sarah made the move to copywriting for traditional and new media and now crafts concise and persuasive content for multiple platforms. Well-versed in social media, Sarah brings a disciplined approach to creating relevant and engaging copy, and ensures a consistency of voice and tone for each brand and project.

    Part cat whisper/part outdoor enthusiast, Sarah spends her spare time snowboarding, hiking and trying to convince her partner they need more cats.

  • Tony James

    Editor & Motion Graphics

    Tony holds a degree in Visual Communication from Madras University where he majored in Television and Film Production with a background in Cinematography, Editing, and Graphic Design. Upon completing his studies in India he moved to Vancouver in 2011 to take Advanced Arts and Entertainment Management at Capilano College before moving on to become a producer at VanArts Institute of Media Arts. Now with Bare, Tony practices editing wizardry, motion graphic black magic, and can develop and produce video and film using nothing more that a flashlight and an empty shoebox. He is a cyclist, a swimmer, a dancer and a horrific exaggerator in his free time.

  • Cynthia Medrano


    Cynthia is responsible for all processing, budgeting and company business transactions and provides financial oversight and valuable networking to the Bare team. With management experience and an industry reputation for persistence, accuracy and exhibiting the highest integrity, Cynthia is known for overcoming challenges while making sure deadlines are met.

    Cynthia holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Strayer University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.